Can I have my Lentech Automatics transmission shipped to my residential address?

Transmissions ship truck freight, a commercial shipping address is preferred since it will add over $100+ for transport and/or tailgate fees, to ship it to your residential address. There is also an option to have your order held at the nearest freight terminal for pick up. Small parcels such as valve bodies and other components can ship to a residential address.

How do I identify a Lentech Automatics transmission?

There are several ways to do this.

  • Our transmissions are a cast grey colour.
  • If we provided a torque converter, it is a medium blue colour.
  • If you have to press a trans brake button to use reverse, it is NOT a Lentech.
  • Our transmissions have a red ID tag. (See photo)
Where does Lentech Automatics ship?

We ship Worldwide!

Why do I need a customs permission letter?

Following 9/11, US customs requires a document to identify all shipments over $2000 in value(i.e. a complete transmissions).  It does not travel with the product; it is faxed directly to our bonded customs agent.


Can I install a full manual valvebody in my AOD with a lockup type torque converter?

No.  The vehicle will stall when in O/D or 3rd with the wheels stopped.

Does applying a +12V to the red wire on my AOD cancel, or engage overdrive?

A-    For automatic shifting models (TV cable required) the +12V CANCELS O/D operation.

For manual shift models, (no TV cable) +12V engages O/D

How do I wire overdrive or lockup in my full manual 98+ 4R70W?

Using a length of original vehicle harness, connect pin #4 to switched 12V source.

Connect pins #7 & #8 to the accessory prong of a toggle or rocker type switch inside the vehicle. (See diagram in tech install manual)

Connect the other prong of the switch to a good source of chassis ground.

Using a separate switch, connect pin #3 to accessory prong, connect other prong of same switch to a good source of chassis ground.

What is the normal break-in period for a Lentech Transmission?

After the initial 150-250 miles, a fluid & filter change is required.  Service intervals thereafter yearly or 20,000 miles.

What type of fluid should I use on my Transmission?

AOD Street Terminator/Cruiser transmissions models should use Dexron III /Mercon, or Mercon V.  Compatible synthetic variants can be used.

All models of AODE 4R70W models with lockup type torque converters should use Mercon V.

Strip Terminator models (AOD or non-lockup 4R70’s) should run SWEPCO 714-20 see website at www.swepcousa.com

**Or, John Deere Hy-Gard hydraulic fluid

** running John Deere Hy-Gard requires specific filters, please call us for further details.

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