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Lentech Automatics is a highly regarded provider of quality AOD and 4R70 transmissions and products. This reputation has been earned over 20 years and has origins similar to many performance aftermarket companies: one automotive enthusiast building something he couldn’t buy. As a licensed transmission tech, mechanic and avid drag racer, Len Bertrand recognized the need for a performance overdrive transmission around 1990 when his personal project car ( 1979 Capri ) was fitted with an AOD to replace the C4 with lackluster results. Within weeks of installation, the transmission failed. After carefully examining oil circuit diagrams, it was determined the factory shift pattern had been a major factor in the transmissions early demise. Upon this discovery, Len constructed the first AOD valvebody with a 1,2,3/4 shift arrangement. It was soon after, other local enthusiasts began to request that these modifications be performed to their own project cars. As a result of growing interest and demand for the transmission, Lentech Automatics was founded in 1994. Innovations continued with transbrakes and the Reverse-Third technology which received a US Patent, as well as product offerings for the AODE/4R70W. In 1999, Chris Nugteren was brought on as Lentech’s first full time employee. Lentech gained notoriety through publications in numerous magazines over the next several years and came to be considered the leader in Ford Automatic Overdrive products. Most recently, in 2013, Lentech Automatics was purchased by long-time employee Chris Nugteren, and the “New Lentech Automatics” looks forward to continuing to provide the best products along with exceptional service into the future.

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