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The Lentech Automatics Transmission Dynomometer is a key element in the Quality Assurance and Control process at Lentech. Every attempt is made to replicate the operating environment during the testing to provide an accurate simulation of in-vehicle conditions under rigorous load. The dynamometer testing process includes actually simulating the operation of your transmission behind a High Performance SB Ford V8 engine, (representative of many popular Street Performance combinations), that can baseline convertor stall speeds. This is enabled by the rotating turret plate being machined to accept a wide variety of bellhousing patterns, and the use of a weighted flywheel to provide a simulated load. Once bolted up to the dyno, the transmission is then put through a structured sequence of tests by an experienced member of the Lentech Team, providing assurance to Lentech clients that their new transmissions have been thoroughly tested and inspected prior to the installation and use of the product.Specially designed and custom-built to the specifications we developed over several years of fulfilling our clients needs, the dyno features an ability to monitor several circuits simultaneously during the testing process. Through multiple fluid pressure gauges, it enables stringent evaluation and adjustment of shift timing and firmness.

The Answermatic Valve Body Tester is also a key element in the Quality Assurance and Control process at Lentech. Like the Lentech Dynomometer, the Valve Body Tester provides an accurate simulation of actual transmission conditions under rigorous load. With a fluid pressure testing ceiling of 300 psi, the Valve Body Tester helps to establish a successful performance baseline well above what would normally be expected of the valve body. This provides assurance to Lentech clients that their new valve bodies have been thoroughly pressure tested and inspected for fluid seepage or leaks that may not show up on any gauge, prior to their installation and use of the product. It’s the careful attention to detail represented by our development of these types of testing processes and equipment that allows Lentech to not only ensure products of a consistent high quality. It is also instrumental in our ability to develop new products, processes and modifications quickly in response to our client’s needs. Every Lentech product shipped thus carries with it assurances of quality and performance unmatched elsewhere, which are fully backed-up by a generous and comprehensive Warranty program.

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